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Tech Toys: Entertainment or Addiction?


A recent report by the Student Monitor reveals that Apple’s iPod is ranked as more important than beer and barhopping for college students on U.S. campuses. Tech toys have also made a home at the top of many a Christmas list, rendering parents penniless. And it doesn’t stop there. Adults are also demanding constant access to technology wherever they are, even while on vacation.

The trend of 24/7 technology represents a shift in our everyday culture, values, and lifestyle. Tech-based products like cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, and portable video game systems that were once used just for entertainment have now become necessities. They’ve become so deeply ingrained into our everyday lives that we struggle to enjoy a weekend at the beach without them.

At a time of year when family getaways are at their highest, publications like the New York Times and CNet News are reporting that employees don’t feel “safe” going on vacation without their entourage of tech tools. Some are scared of being replaced at their job if they don’t check in often enough, and others are just too ambitious for their own good and don’t know how to not work. While we here at space150 love hard work and technology as much as the next guy, we believe that it’s also important to take time out to recharge (yourself, your laptop, and your BlackBerry).