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Creating The Art of Flight Trailer for Quicksilver’s Times Square Billboard


The Art of Flight Trailer (Times Square - Quicksilver)

The Art of Flight, quite possibly the biggest movie in the world, had its premier in NYC last week – and space150 was tapped to help. The movie follows Travis Rice and a roster of equally radical snowboarders to every corner of the globe.  As the film progresses their travels grow increasingly exotic despite weather, volcanoes and the “who the *&%$ do you think you are?” advice of locals. The premier was nothing short of a spectacle, with A-listers showing up and weighing-in.

To prove the point: “Travis Rice…Art Of Flight premiere…Watch this now” tweeted Justin Timberlake.

A film of such grandeur needs one of the biggest stages in the world: Times Square.  So prior to the release Quiksilver asked space150 to give audiences an exclusive sneak peek.  Snippets of the film were edited to create a teaser and then beamed across Quiksilver’s Times Square storefront: a multi-faceted display made up of 120 different digital surfaces wrapped around the store’s entrance.

space150 has been producing content for this massive, multi-screen digital board since late in 2010, which continues to stop people in their tracks. Footage from the world of surfing, snowboarding, skiing and skate – when broadcast in this format – introduces gawkers to the emotion, dedication and art of action sports.

“The Quicksilver [digital] board is an amazing creative canvas,” says Marcus Fischer, CEO, space150. “This is the big-screen reinvented for today’s consumer where all the small pieces have to work together to grab people’s attention as they pass through Times Square.”

Grab people’s attention it did. On premier day lines were wrapped around the block waiting to get into buy the movie on DVD/Blu-ray. So if you’re in NYC and didn’t get the opportunity to rub shoulders with A-listers at the premier, don’t fret. Waltz down to Time Square and check out the footage on the big screens – you’ll catch some surfing, skateboarding and models in swimsuits. Who can argue with that?