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The Perfect Valentine: Mix Your Own DQ Slow Jam


space150 and Dairy Queen have teamed up to create the DQ Valentine’s Day Slow Jam Lips Sync.

Get the famous animated DQ lips to sing a Jam to your sweetheart—choose the voice, mood, setting, and even which DQ cake to celebrate your love. Is “Perfect Gentleman” your style? Maybe “Nights in White Satin” is more your speed. Of course Dairy Queen offers a “Something Different” option for each setting. But be warned—that’s only for truly special lovers who really get you.

And keep an eye on the live-action DJ. He’s acting out some useful romantic suggestions. Study him and take notes.

Once your mix is complete, send it on to your valentine, and use the store locator to find the perfect cake to share.

But what does sharing a Dairy Queen Cake really mean? That you understand your valentine’s secret desires. That your love is as rich and fulfilling as a Blizzard. That, though the present may melt away, you must share what you have now, and put the rest in the freezer for later.