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The Power of Crowds: What User-Generated Content Means for You


The Web is no longer a place to visit, but something to do. Today, someone somewhere played a game called “Click Once A Minute.” Someone else connected with a person on the other side of the world who has been diagnosed with the same rare disease. If people have an interest in something, no matter how meaningless, they will connect with others who are just like them.

As users of the living Web, we used to be considered consumers; we are now all contributors. The power of the crowd is the power to influence content. The ability to add your two cents to a Wikipedia definition, to tag your photos on Flickr, and of course to upload that video of yourself doing a super sweet dance to

Our desires to share and belong have become transparent and can easily be converted into Digital Income. If business leaders provide a place for us to contribute, we now have a stake in the game. Which makes their brands our brands. Now we all have a vested interest. Give us a reason to stick around, and we will become a collective force. And when that happens, watch out for the crowd.

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