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Trapped in the Vault: a space150 Hip Hopera


In this second installment of the space intern video project, Design intern Seth Rieder, Strategy & Insights intern Bethany Iverson, and the world-famous Justin D (intern for a day) have teamed up to create a film that’s gripping, complex, and altogether wrong.

Inspired by R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet (a project that has been hailed by viewers as “a work of unintentional genius”), the intern team worked to tell a story about all things space: hiding in storage vaults, copy machine drama, empty bottles of ketchup in the account kitchen, and unflushed goodies in the Tech bathroom. While we don’t necessarily respect R. Kelly as a person or a musician, we can appreciate how crazy one must be to create a Hip Hopera like Trapped.

Here’s to midgets hiding in cabinets, twisted love affairs, and thuggity cousins working to keep themselves out of jail.

If you aren’t familiar with the original Trapped in the Closet, you can get caught up here.