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Two Short Tomorrows: The 48 Hour Film Project


Putting insomnia to good use, we’re returning to the 48 Hour Film Project this year.

June 8 – June 10 will bring us from start to finish on a complete film project in the Oulipo-ian spirit: limited not only by the 48-hour deadline, but also by drawing slips from a hat for restrictions on genre and other elements Like having to include a predetermined character, prop and line of dialogue. It also had to be under 8 minutes.

From these predetermined beginnings surprising art will be generated.

And quickly, too.

Last year, a 48-hour team with space150 ACD Riley Kane and Editor Justin D produced a gentle film, Be Mine, about a robot searching for love. The assigned genre was the very difficult “Holiday Film.”

Directed and edited by Justin, Be Mine was written by Riley.

“It was a thought-provoking statement on the emptiness of meaningless sex… with appliances,” remarks Riley. “All set to a French accordion soundtrack. It’s pretty artsy.”

Which means it’s PG-ish, and maybe NSFW. If you work in a convent.

Check back sometime next month to see how all the coffee and smokes inspired us.