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Unite the Deeqs

Published and the Deeqs have been released!

Dairy Queen ® asked space150 to create a new kids program, including a website, in-store packaging, and promotional materials.

space150 went even further. We created a new species of creatures, the Deeqs; an entire creation story and mythology surrounding them; and their very own world, the cloud world of DQ-topia.

The Deeqs are fun-loving creatures created when the founders of DQ experimented with their newly invented soft serve. They made a batch that was too fun and too powerful, and the soft serve came to life, morphing into the Deeqs. The Deeqs, now living in DQ-topia, are scattered and need kids to unite them to face an evil storm that is threatening to destroy their world. is a site and online world that allows kids to customize their own Deeq, explore the cloud world of DQ-topia, play games alongside other Deeqs, and begin an adventure to save the Deeqs from the evil storm.

So far, kids around the world have shown immediate excitement for the Deeqs program. Featuring fun art, original characters, and an ever-expanding story line and world, will continue developing over the next few years into one of the most immersive and integrated kids programs ever seen for a quick-service restaurant anywhere.

Go to, meet the Deeqs, and begin your own adventure as a Deeq today.