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v10.4 upgrade engages and calms the crowd


space150 launched its version 10.4 upgrade at a first-ever web therapy session. The new logo for space150 v10.4 is based on the agency’s full service mission integrating tech, strategy, creative, and marketing. The four pieces that form the ten (X) symbol represent these core capabilities. The circle represents space150s 360 degree approach to business and brand building.

The lunchtime event, hosted at the Minneapolis Club, showcased Josh Meyers, director of public solutions at Yahoo!, and a few space150 speakers sharing the latest in technology trends.

Lisa Helminiack, strategic director, started the session with an overview of space150’s integrated services model. In addition to creative, technology and strategy, Helminiack announced that space150 has added search marketing to its core services. John Grudnowski, senior new business executive, guided the attendees through Paid Search 101, an introduction to one of the fastest expanding areas in digital marketing. Meyers then provided an inside look at Yahoo! search and its increasing sophistication and continued growth. Marc Jensen, creative tech director, demonstrated Flash 8 and showed the many ways it will improve web design and functionality. Todd Bartz, associate creative director and a gadget guru, highlighted some of the best new technology toys and tools, including social bookmarking, AJAX and IP-TV.