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Version 20: Welcome to the Futurarium


February 29th, the extra day of leap year, had even more significance for space150. It marked our 8th anniversary and the debut of our 20th version.

Versions are events that put the “150” in space150. Every 150 days, we evolve our brand. We showcase a new design and a remade mantra. From the front door we use every day to the notepads on our desks, space150 gets revamped.

Version 20 demonstrates how we grow tomorrows for our clients by using innovation to move forward. For the v20 design, our previous logos orbit around two intertwined Xs, stylized to recall the all-encompassing nature of the internet. It plays into our idea of the Futurarium as the place where ideas are exchanged, a place where we nurture and grow the future.

Of course, just because we’re 1 shy of our 21st doesn’t mean that we can’t party. From Minneapolis to New York, the festivities played out in style. Thanks to streaming video hook-ups, NYC could check out MSP’s party and vice versa.

Both coasts featured DJ sets and judicious use of Rock Band to keep the parties rolling. Minneapolis took its cracks at karaoke and stuffed into a photo booth to preserve the night for all those tomorrows yet to come. Simultaneously, New York evolved into a sweaty, jam-packed dance party that went late enough to greet the janitor the next morning.