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Video Games and Advertising: Thinking Outside the Xbox


From websites to video games, space150 is deeply invested in all things interactive—working tirelessly to develop better solutions for the problems that plague the digital universe. So when Marc Jensen, our Technology Director and resident video game guru, alerted us to the gamer outburst surrounding in-game advertising in Battlefield 2142, a recent release from EA games, we knew this topic deserved a closer look.

While many gamers are vehemently opposed to in-game advertising, Marc pointed out that, “there are cool applications [for in-game advertising]; it’s not all negative.” Cadillac, for example, started a promotion that enabled Project Gotham Racing 3 gamers to download a free Speed Pack that grants access to three of their V-series cars. And Verizon also proved that video games and advertising can work together by hosting the Xbox Live Gold Weekend, where gamers could use the Gold version of Xbox Live for free over a 72-hour period.

Verizon and Cadillac illustrate integrations of games and brands that enhance the gaming experience instead of interrupting it. Clearly, innovative brand strategies can create partnerships that mutually benefit both concerned gamers and revenue-conscious sponsors.