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We have an extra day this year. Put yours to good use.


In honor of Leap Year, space150 decided to use Day 366 to raise money for charity. We created Leap for Loaves, a web app that actually tracked how high people leap. If the total distance reached our goal, we’d make a donation to Second Harvest Heartland. But there was a catch: the app would only be up for 24 hours (on February 29, of course).

The application itself was unique for a few reasons. First, it was Web-based, so even though the app tracked a user’s accelerometer, it operated through the smartphone’s browser and didn’t need to be downloaded or installed. Also, since the campaign only lasted 24 hours, we chose to run it on our partner cloud platform, Heroku. Lastly, we decided to make the code open source, and shared it on GitHub.

Imagine what we could get done if there were an extra day every year.