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Welcome to DQtopia


We’ve just helped Dairy Queen launch their new online flagship, Discover DQtopia. It’s the Dairy Queen place to be.

Our goal was to transform from a corporate site, with strictly factual information, into a consumer, experiential brand site. Thus upgrading it to a modern online experience, for the modern online consumer.

So we tried to recreate the fun and quirky in-store experience online with DQtopia, a dreamlike version of a Dairy Queen store without walls. There, you’ll re-discover the steamy summer days of your youth, when all that seemed to stand between you and Death Valley was some creamy soft serve. That’s DQtopia.

To the ancient—and for all I know, modern—Greeks, “DQtopia” means “Dairy Queen place.” Let it take you to your special DQ place. Linger there. Go waffle cone rafting. Invent tasty new treats at the Blizzard Factory. Then find a location nearby and make your dreams come true. Yum.

One of the trickier tech challenges in this project was helping Dairy Queen easily administer their multiple websites under one management platform. Enter spaceCMS, space150’s proprietary content management system. Now Dairy Queen can coordinate monthly and seasonal promotions such as the popular Blizzard of the Month throughout all its online sites. And it’s simple, too.

Plus, spaceCMS still allowed us to integrate sophisticated tracking tools. Now it’s a snap to connect online traffic to specific marketing initiatives.

Explore the new now.