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What Would Your Heart Say?


The Boomer Coalition teamed with space150 to create a powerful message about Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). Two viral campaigns are now online to support the cause: the virtual heart and the universal heartbeat.

The virtual heart is a program in which users download a friend ‘Boomer’, who helps keep the fight against CVD alive by offering reminders of how to live a healthy life. To download your very own Boomer and to receive these friendly reminders go to:

The universal heartbeat is located at and is a quilt of faces all saying “boom” with a rollover message of what they are thinking about when they say it. If you want to add your boom face and message to the quilt, just take a picture with your camera phone or camera and you can upload it to the site.

You will be able to visit the site and see new faces every day. Watch for a few famous faces, including Bette Midler and former President Bill Clinton.