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Women Gamers: No Longer a Minority


A recent study from the Consumer Electronics Association, Gaming Technology, indicates that there are more women gamers in the 25–34 demographic than men (65% to 35% respectively). This begs the question, “What are gaming companies doing to meet women’s needs? At first glance, products like the Desperate Housewives game and the pink PlayStation 2 console come to mind, which take a first stab at catering to this market, but miss the real reason women love gaming.

Whether a casual or hardcore gamer, women in general share a commonality in the games they embrace. Chris Kohler, in his Wired article, Women Gamers Duke it Out, argues that women want games that are easy to set up (no manual required, please!) and learn, yet still hard to master, and games that can be won (or lost) in short packets of time. Next-generation gaming should cater to these needs by providing storylines that have a definite beginning, middle, and end. Games or puzzles that put an interesting twist on an everyday situation will likely be the winners in women gamers 2.0.

If you’re interested in learning more about female gamers, there are a number of excellent blogs devoted strictly to women who game. Sites like and provide insight into this critical gaming audience. A myriad of opportunities exist for the video game industry to connect with female gamers, and we’re excited to finally see this industry sector blossom.