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Dairy Queen

Blizzard 25th Birthday Tour

Applications/Platforms, Content Strategy, Campaign, Social Media

When America’s favorite ice cream treat, Dairy Queen’s Blizzard, turns 25, you have to celebrate accordingly. So when Dairy Queen gave us the task of commemorating the Blizzard’s 25th birthday, we knew we had to do something big. We gave them more than one blowout event. We gave them a summer-long tour that brought the party to the people all across the U.S. and Facebook. We created the Blizzardmobile, which handed out free Blizzards on a 25-city tour across America. Since the Blizzardmobile couldn’t go everywhere, we brought the party to Facebook. Now DQ fans everywhere could track the tour, upload photos, enter free Blizzard sweepstakes, and tag friends as different Blizzard treats. The birthday celebration turned into a North American and Facebook event of epic proportions.

  • 1.9 million Facebook “Likes”
  • 410,000 e-mail leads
  • 13% lift in Blizzard sales
  • 30% increase in site traffic