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Campaign, Brand Development, Visual Design, Production

As a product, Cambria’s stone surfaces are rock solid. They’re strong, durable, and with over 100 colors and applications, versatile enough to fit any aesthetic. But a remodel is more than simply updating a space; it’s the opportunity to imagine what a room could be. Our challenge was to showcase more than benefits—we needed to capture the possibility at the core of the brand. To do that, our site landed users directly in an imaginative scene that fused dream elements with a Cambria kitchen. With users’ imaginations sparked, we were ready to lead them into their journey. After thinking about the logistics involved in a remodel, we knew it was important for to have full functionality on the go. So we brought our idea to life with HTML5, allowing the entire experience to remain functional on an iPad or mobile device—giving consumers and designers access to the tools they need wherever they are.