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Cascadian Farm

Digital/Outdoor Marketing

Campaign, Outdoor, Brand Development, Content Management System

Since the organic food market is so oversaturated, Cascadian Farm needed something more than just good-tasting food to set them apart. To most consumers, Cascadian Farm was a fictional farm. The truth is, it really does exist. We just needed to bring it to life in the minds of consumers. So we created a campaign celebrating the beauty and authenticity of the farm where these premium organic products are actually produced. The first step was to redesign the website to make it feel as though you were really on the farm. From there, we developed and created a blog so CF could share organic goodness through compelling farm stories, green tips, recipes, and gardening advice, thus becoming a bigger part of their fans' lifestyles. Newsletters were also created and distributed to "friends of the farm," keeping them in the loop on all the latest farm happenings. We built up their social media presence on Facebook and rewarded fans with helpful tips and advice about going organic. Then we went local and designed materials for events both on and around the farm. Finally, we went to Boston, one of CF's major markets, and brought the beauty of the farm to the undeniably urban Boston transit system.

  • 200,000 Facebook fans
  • 26,000+ Facebook interactions
  • 360% increase in site traffic