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Holographic Runway


The bar for innovation in the fashion industry has always been set incredibly high. However, fashion shows have become staid and predictable. So it was our challenge to funnel Forever 21’s innovative spirit into a fashion show that destroyed the convention of live, in-person runway models. Using 3D rendering techniques, custom screens, green-screen video shoots, high-end projectors, and special effects, we were able to create a never-before-seen fashion experience. The primary goal of a fashion show is to highlight the new line, allowing the audience to look at as many models as possible from as many angles as possible. By infusing the show with holographic technology, we were able to maximize the number of models and the angles from which the audience sees them. Holograms gave us the platform we needed to be inventive, highlight the clothes, and showcase a level of branding and energy totally unseen up to now.

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  • 6,000 video views
  • 2,400 full page reads
  • The MN Show Merit Award