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Land Securities

Land Securities App

Application/Platform, Production, Development, User Experience Design

Commercial real estate is cutthroat. It’s a game of show and sales, and delivery is king. The traditional foam-model pitch is expensive and inefficient, yet it’s been the industry standard for decades. Land Securities (the largest retail property developer in the UK) knew there had to be a better convention, and came to us (the experts) for help. After exploring many virtual touchscreen presentation tools, we landed on the efficacy of an iPad app. We then used a gaming development technology to create their industry’s first 3D model application. Now their clients can open the app to experience a sexy 3D virtual rendering of a mall layout, tapping, zooming, and moving through a point-of-view landscape. The experience empowers the consumer to flow through endless data, photos, models, and maps, enabling them to compare and contrast multiple properties at once—a new win for the pitch process. We even made the app compatible for offline mode by mapping out the entire UK, redesigning every road, interstate, and landmark ourselves. Land Securities is now the proud holder of one of the most powerful sales tools in the commercial real estate industry.