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Discover Boating

Making Waves

Gaming, Production, Visual Design, Social Media

Discover Boating is an organization whose sole focus is encouraging people to do exactly what their name suggests. But with the struggling economy, boating purchases were way down. How could we prime the pump and get people thinking about boating again? Traditionally, the boating industry resorts to direct-mail lead generation. But we had another idea in mind: a Flash game for Facebook. We brought the lake to the masses and delivered a virtual boating experience. Players choose from a selection of boat types and colors. Then they’re off, speeding between buoys, navigating the shoreline, or fishing the deep seas. We built a life-like scaled model complete with water, shoreline, trees, and other miniature details. The model was then photographed under different lighting conditions to capture times of day, movement of the sun over the water, and weather conditions for game play. The result was a handcrafted gaming experience and lead-generating machine.

  • Effie Gold
  • 28,000 leads
  • 25,000 new Facebook “Likes”
  • 32,000 new Facebook fans
  • 500,000+ minutes of game play
  • 95% reduction in cost per lead