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Dairy Queen

Mini Blizzard Treatment

Campaign, Content Strategy, Application/Platform, Social Media

After we orchestrated and created the Blizzard Birthday Party Tour to celebrate 25 years of America’s favorite frozen treat, DQ came back to us looking to create a campaign that took it to another level to promote the all-new Mini Blizzard Treat. Our idea was born with the thought of celebrating all things mini. What if we treated the world in a big, mini way? With that, the Mini Blizzard TREATment came to life. We created the Mini Blizzard Treatsmen, an elite task force with the mission of giving mini treatments to the world. Their ride, the Mini Monster, an oversized MINI Cooper Countryman, helped them get from mission to mission. As they traveled from city to city, we captured all the treatments on video and seeded them on YouTube, Facebook, and, where we created a custom page to house the mini campaign. We didn’t just stop at giving away serenades and gift cards; we surprised unsuspecting customers with the ultimate mini treat: a brand-new MINI Cooper Countryman.

  • 44% increase in site visits
  • 330,000 Facebook “Likes”
  • 1.1 million YouTube video views
  • 153,000 social media mentions
  • 123,000 new Blizzard Fan Club members
  • 245 video submissions
  • 1 million page views on