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Orange Julius and Rebranding

Branding/Identity, Development, Content Strategy, Visual Design

When Orange Julius asked us to redesign their website, we returned not only with a site, but also a brand platform that captured the quirky spirit of the brand while refreshing public perception of it for the future. The smoothie and frozen drink category had become crowded. Convention called for health benefits and yoga poses, but we saw an opportunity for Orange Julius to stand apart from the crowd, instead of getting lost in the back pages of Redbook. As a heritage brand, Orange Julius holds the distinction of delivering one of the first frozen fruit beverages to market. Fans make no pretensions about why they love it. It's all about taste. So we cast pretension aside, expressing the attitude of both customer and product with a single idea: keep it real. We created a mobile-friendly web experience to reward repeat engagements by covering every square inch of the site with spontaneity and wit. This attention to detail extended to emails, social media, special promotions, in-store training, employee uniforms and merchandise, giving customers and employees a reason to rally around the brand by treating them more like friends than fans.